Would you like control over your retirement planning?

A SMSF can give you flexibility, investment choice, and control over the management of your superannuation benefits.

Borrowing and Superannuation

You can borrow to invest in property with your superfund. We can help you with:

  • Determining what sort of property to buy, either residential, commercial, your own factory, office, or shop front
  • How much you can borrow
  • How it will benefit you specifically
  • What the risks and costs are
  • Advice on tax benefits

Running your own fund brings many benefits:

  • You have control over your financial future - You decide how to invest
  • There are several tax benefits, including concessional tax where earnings are taxed at 15% in Accumulation Phase and tax-free in Pension Phase
  • Control – you, the trustee, have complete control over what happens within the fund
  • InvestmentChoice – you set the investment strategy for your fund
  • Taxation– concessional tax environment where earnings are taxed at 15% in Accumulation Phase and tax-free in Pension Phase
  • Proportionately Decreasing Fees – depending on the size of your fund can be cheaper to run than a large public fund
  • Unique Investment Strategies – including gearing in superannuation
  • Creditor Protection – assets are normally protected by creditors even in the event of bankruptcy
  • Creation of a Family Legacy

We offer the following SMSF services in conjunction with a Financial Planner.

  • Establishment of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Assistance with rollovers from existing superannuation funds
  • Advice on compliance and taxation matters
  • Advice on taxation benefits
  • Superannuation Audits and Annual reporting obligations
  • Administration and Management of your fund
  • Borrowing in Superannuation

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Samuel Testa

Director - Tax & Legacy

“In a world of uncertainty, we provide our clients “Peace of Mind” knowing that the legacy they have created is protected for generations to come”
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